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20210408_204642Leicaflex SL – 50mm f/2 Summicron
Amazing SLR camera made by Leitz Cameras between 1964 and 1976. A camera built to last! Come with it’s beautiful 50mm f/2 Summicron-R (2-cam design). Camera has been film tested using external metering. In camera meter not tested. Camera shows sign of good use but will be still god to go for many years to come and wait ’till you hear the sweet sound of the shutter!!!!
Price: 700$CAD (consignment)


20210408_205103Leitz 90mm f/2 Summicron-R (Made in Canada)
The exquisite Summicron-R 90mm lens will blow you away! A very popular lens amongst portrait photographer. This one is in good condition and is a 2-cam version. Iris blades are snappy. Comes with a Canon ring mount adapter
Price: 1100$CAD (consignment)

chinon-28mmAuto-Chinon 28mm f/2.8
Manual focus lens with m42 thread mount
Lens in good condition

Price: 20.00$CAD


yashicadsb50Yashica 50mm 1.9 DSB
The standard  “kit” lens of the 35mm Yashica cameras.
Smooth focus and lens in good condition. 
Yashica / Contax lens mount

Price: 15.00$CAD


yashicayus28Yashica 28mm 2.8 YUS
Nice lens for those wide-angle shots.
Smooth focus and lens in good condition (some slight smears on the coatings)
Yashica / Contax lens mount

Price: 15.00$CAD


5302Eastman 5302
(35mm) 24 exposures
This is a blue sensitive 35mm film that was used for duplicating films. Some shoots this film at 1 ISO. Personally, I found that 6 ISO was more suited and processed with Rodinal 1+50 dilution for 9min30 @20°C .
Price: 7.00$CAD (each)
Sample of images made with Eastman 5302 film

appareilphotographiqueanselL’appareil photographique – Ansel ADAMS
Éditions du Fanal
Version française de son classique livre: The Camera
Petits accrocs à la jaquette sinon très bon état.

Prix: 30.00$CAD



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