What’s up with me in this end of the year?

Lights out on my old job.

Well, let’s be true about it… 2020 is a year to forget …
March 2020, Covid came and hitted hard. The telescope shop for whom I worked for since 1991 was forced to close because of the lock down. On top of that my car had some problems including the need to change the CVT transmission ’cause it died on me.

One of my last photos made with my Rolleiflex

Had to sell my Rolleyflex and some other cameras to pay for the repairs. This summer when we were authorized by our Gouvernment to reopen, my boss decided that he would run de business alone and putted the building on sale… so the business will close probably soon… FML!

I decided that I would take time for myself and shoot as much as I could. The lockdown made the streets of Montreal pretty empty so like many other photographers, I documented in my way the situation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the longest of times, I wanted to get the an Intrepid 4×5 large format camera.  I told myself that maybe it was time to make a move on this. Having no job, I had to make a sacrifice if I wanted to put my hands on an Intrepid camera. So I sold my beautiful Nikon F5 with two lenses and ordered my Intrepid which arrived 12 weeks later.

Shooting large format is really a joy! Since getting the Intrepid, the Mamiya RB67 is not having too much shooting time but it’s not going anywhere… for now!

October comes around and it was time to find a job. My first application was for a company that was looking for a product photographer with film photography experiences. I applied and never heard from them. Then my good friend Luis, told me that Gosselin Photo in Laval (biggest camera store in Quebec)were looking for a salesperson. I applied and … I GOT THE JOB !!! 122129283_10164681245825195_5191410303683217323_oTo be honest, since beginning at Gosselin it was very stressfull for me. Since, coming back to film full time in 2013, I still kept an eye out to what was going on in the digital photography business but not enough to be comfortable with it, so by getting the job, I had to immerse myself in what was going on in the business… I don’t consider myself old (I’m 48) but still at my age, I really don’t process new learnings as fast as when I was in my young adult years… So, alot of info to assimilate and I find it very stressfull, but really cool at the same time… defenitely a good challenge for me AND I have amazing work collegues that are always willing to help me out, thanks guys!

Now it’s end of november… The holliday season is upon us, I decided to treat myself to one last gift to get through this shitty year. dryplatesI WILL BE SHOOTING DRY PLATES BABY!!! You read that right! I will be shooting some dry plates with my Intrepid 4×5 MkIV. Just ordered a ChromaGraphica double dry plate holder. This holder is a collaboration between Chroma cameras and Pictoriographica. I also ordered 2 packs of 4×5 dry plates from Pictoriographica (Jason Lane). Really can’t wait to experiment with this. Maybe if budget permits, I will try to find a nice old brass barrel lens to shoot these plates, sure would be nice.

So there you have it! That’s the news for me… hope you didn’t find this read to boring and I hope you enjoy my new website layout which now includes this blog. I don’t know if I will write often, but I will try to post at least once per month.

If you enjoyed your read, please leave a comment below, I would truly appreciate it!

Special thanks to Jess Hobbs and Jody Mansbridge for getting me the opportunity to work a couple of days on their farm. Getting me out of the city and out in the farm fields has been so much fun and benificial, I truly needed this. Love you guys!

Love you all, and wishing you Happy Hollidays.
Stay safe, stay healthy and shoot some film!


One thought on “What’s up with me in this end of the year?”

  1. Hi Gaetan, A good summary of your year, et maintenant avec Gosselin, a whole new chapter! I wish I was there in Montreal too now with all the opportunity of taking pictures of many great places with no tourists! Just the brave locals heading outside for some air. Alex.


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